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Golf Pride Grips

Patriot Red/White/Blue8.00
DD II 60 RoundBlack/Blue/White6.00
DDM 60 RoundDual Durometer Black/Red.6.50
V-55 60 RoundBlack/YellowPlease contact for availability and pricing - limited stock
60 RibbedBlack/YellowPlease contact for availability and pricing - limited stock
SPM 60 RoundPlayers Sofftie Black/ OrangePlease contact for availability and pricing - limited stock
VTM 58 RoundTour Velvet Black/White4.50
58 Ribbed4.50
60 Round4.50
PWM 58 RoundTour Wrap Black G-25.00
58 RibbedG-25.00
60 RoundG-25.00
LTTS60 RoundTour 25 Light Black/White.8.50
GTSS 60 Round360 Tour Velvet Black/White4.75
Tour Velvet Dual Durometer Lite7.00
LDD 60 Round6.50
VDR 60 RoundBlack/White/Red/Blue5.75
CP2 Pad 60 Round8.00
CP2 Wrap - Std, Mid, Jumbo60 Round.8.00, 8.25, 9.25
MSC 60 RoundMidsize Multicompound Black/Red, Black/Blue, Black/White9.50
MSM 60 RoundMidsize Dual Durometer Black/Yellow.8.00
VMM 60 RoundMidsize Tour Velvet5.25
JTV 60 RoundJumbo Tour Velvet5.50
SSM 60 RoundMidsize Sofftie Black/OrangePlease contact for availability and pricing - limited stock
MMW 60 RoundMidsize Tour Wrap 2G5.25
TWPS 60 RoundJumbo Tour Wrap 2G5.50
VDR 60 RoundMidsize6.00
CORD Models
DD II 60 RoundDDII7.75
DD II 60 RoundMidsize DDII8.00
MCC 58 RoundMulticompound Black/Red.9.00
MCC 58 RibbedMulticompound Black/Red.9.00
MCC 60 RoundMulticompound. Black/Red, Black/White, Black/Dark Blue, Black/Lite Blue
NEW – Black/Purple, Black/Orange, Black/Yellow, Black/Pink
VTC 60 RoundBrushed Cotton Tour Velvet, Red/White, Blue/White, Black/White 9.00
Tour Velvet 1/2 Cord9.00
WMCS Multicompound White Out, Black/White, White/Red, White/Green, White/Blue8.00
VTC 58 RoundTour Velvet Cord8.50
58 Ribbed Tour Velvet Cord8.50
60 RoundTour Velvet Cord8.50
60 RoundMidsize Tour Velvet Cord8.75
V-55 60 RoundBlack/Yellow8.00
TWC 58 RoundTour Wrap8.00
60 RoundTour Wrap8.00
MWC 60 RoundMidsize Tour Wrap Cord8.50
TWC 60 RoundTour Wrap Cord8.00
SMS 60 RoundSofftie.7.75
DD II 60 RoundDual Durometer.8.00
VTL 56 RibbedLadies Tour Velvet4.75
58 RibbedLadies Tour Velvet4.75
TWP 56 RibbedLadies Tour Wrap4.50
DDII 58 RibbedLadies Black/Yellow4.50
GV 56 RibbedLadies Green Victory.3.00
VYNLL58 RoundLadies Standard Grape/Purple VYNE6.50
Blueberry Blue/White VYNE 6.50
Apple Green/White VYNE 6.50
VDR 58 RoundBlack/White logo6.00
PlayersWrapBlack/White, White/Black6.00
VUSA58 RoundV-RAD USARed/White/Blue .9.00
OVDP 58 RoundV-RAD OPTICBlack/Red/White9.00
TTP 58 RoundTour Tradition.6.50
KVDP 58 RoundV-RAD SHOCK Blue/Red White9.00
LVDP 58 Round V-RAD SILK Blue/Silver9.00
DDP 58 RoundDual Durometer. Blue/Black, Red/Black, Orange/Black, Yellow Black7.00
NDP 58 RoundDecade, Blue/White, Red/White 6.00
VSP 58 RoundVelvet Pro Series Black/White.5.00
JCP 58 RoundJumbo Crown Black/White.9.00
CLCP 58 RoundTour Classic Black/White7.50
TWCP 58 RoundTour Wrap Cord Black/White7.50
TWP 58 RoundTour Wrap Pistol Black/White4.00
Belly PutterBlack/WhitePlease contact for pricing and availability - limited stock
Junior Model
TVJ56 Round Tour Velvet2.50
PWJ56 Round Green Victory2.25

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